Dr S. B. Sunit

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Dr S. B. Sunit
Dr S. B. Sunit 01.jpg
S. B. Sunit. Photo by Jay, Aperture India
Occupation Coach, Consultant, Facilitator
Key areas Leadership, Interpersonal dynamics. Emotional Intelligence, Team alignment, Self awareness, Psychimetric assessment
Organizations served Accenture, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, ING, John Deere, Tata Motors, Novartis, Principal Global, Tata AIG, Travelex, SKF, Atlas Copco, Hero Honda, Sigma Aldrich, Dr Reddy’s, HDFC, Endress + Hauser, MRF, Sterlite, Voltas, Persistent Systems, Crompton Greaves, Beckman Coulter, ATE, Forbes Marshall etc
Education PhD Industrial-Organizational Psychogy
PhD Philosophy
Dr S. B. Sunit is a corporate coach, consultant and facilitator for individual and organizational development. His expertise lies in the areas of leadership, team alignment, interpersonal dynamics, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and psychometric assessments. A double PhD holder in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Philosophy, Sunit is also a researcher, poet and filmmaker.


Sunit began his career with leading automobile company Tata Motors, in the Training & Development division of its Human Resources department. There he designed and conducted psychometric assessments and training programmes along with various initiatives for employee development and employee engagement. After moving on from Tata Motors, Sunit began to offer similar services to the wider corporate world. Today, apart from his independent work, he is part of leading consultancy firms based in India and the UK.

Organizations served

For more than a decade, Dr Sunit has designed and delivered programmes for multinational corporations from diverse sectors, including various Fortune 500 companies such as Deutsche Bank, Accenture, Credit Suisse, ING, John Deere and Tata Motors. Other companies have included Novartis, Principal Global, Tata AIG, Travelex, SKF, Atlas Copco, Hero Honda, Sigma Aldrich, Dr Reddy’s, HDFC, Endress + Hauser, MRF, Sterlite, Voltas, Persistent Systems, Crompton Greaves, Beckman Coulter, ATE, Forbes Marshall etc.



An assessment of the current reality is crucial for the success of any developmental initiative. Assessments are carried out for organizations, teams and individuals. For example, assessing employee engagements at the organizational level, team alignment for departments or various psychometric assessments at the individual level including, 360 degree feedback, personality, leadership style, emotional intelligence etc.


Consulting is offered in crucial HR functions including recruitment & selection, person job-fit, organizational development etc.


Coaching has emerged in recent years as a critical tool, involving working with individuals on a one to one basis, helping them to reach their personal and professional goals


Dr S. B. Sunit has conducted successful programs in leadership, team alignment, interpersonal dynamics, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and innovation for thousands of participants. The programmes are experiential workshops, creating meaningful insights into participants' emotional, cognitive and behavioural patterns. They instill the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills for achieving breakthrough results.

Some of the organizations which received services of Dr S. B. Sunit


Dr S. B. Sunit has conducted successful programs in leadership, team alignment, interpersonal dynamics, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and innovation for thousands of participants. The programmes are experiential workshops, creating meaningful insights into participants' emotional, cognitive and behavioural patterns. They instill the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills for achieving breakthrough results.



Dr Sunit received the ‘International Young Scholars Award’ from Jacob's Foundation, Switzerland, at the 2006 Biennial Conference of the Society for Research on Adolescence in San Francisco, USA. Sunit is a member of Mensa International which is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised intelligence test.


Dr S. B. Sunit’s work has received highly positive feedback from all the sections of the corporate world. Raja Ram, the ex MD of Sigma Aldrich says, “I have had the pleasure of a number of interactions with Dr S. B. Sunit during my self-developmental endeavours as well as during his involvement with Sigma-Aldrich India in running a leadership development program for the management team and conducting focussed group discussions related to employee engagement survey. Throughout this association, starting late 2007, I have been extremely impressed with his unique approach of combining psychology, spirituality and leadership. He is extremely talented in relating to people and issues. He has a rare gift of drawing out people and creating an environment in which people truly introspect – an extremely important step in any developmental effort. He has genuinely touched my life as well as that of many of my colleagues and I will continue to cherish my association with him.”. In words of Kirron Gulrajani, “Sunit has been a delight to know and work with. He has an awesome clarity which inspires and illuminates. His special gift is a rare wisdom which comes from the depth of his being, a wisdom which awakens insight that brings one into the moment.”

Some of the feedback received from the participants attending programmes led by Dr Sunit reads:

  • I was subconsciously getting into a submissive approach towards life. The programme turned all the pages, shed layers of regret and brought out the brighter part.
  • He is such a nice person and trainer that he touches your mind directly. With his sheer competence in communication, he struck the right cord at the right time.
  • Young, wholesome and impressive
  • This programme has transformed my mindset, particularly on Innovation and Idea Generation.
  • Very invigorating, interactive, self-discovery
  • It will help to remove fear of failure
  • It was one of the best and a totally different programme I have undergone in my career
  • It has given me insight into my hidden qualities which I was not aware of
  • Excellent orator!
  • Really eye-opening
  • It gave a realistic assessment of me
  • It was an awesome experience
  • The ability to think out-of-box has taken birth in me
  • I feel more confident about myself. It ignited Creativity!
  • It’s quite introspective
  • Dr Sunit is really a delight to listen to - he is the best faculty!
  • A clear direction and purpose has emerged out of the programme
  • It was really refreshing and mind blowing!
  • A new enlightening experience, a feeling never experienced in the past.
  • I found that person inside me who wants to come out
  • Everything is so relevant, identifiable and inspiring
  • Didn’t relate so much with any other trainers
  • Faculty was outstanding
  • Cleared all doubts in our mind
  • Sunit, you rock! Your way of explaining was great. The positive energy flowing out of you was energizing!
  • Sunit can definitely give a new dimension to such type of training programmes
  • It acted as a refresh button – I might now be able to move forward in a better way
  • An experience of lifetime!
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From individuals

In her testimony, one of Dr Sunit's personal counselling clients from the USA, wrote:

"I was going through life altering changes which invloved divorce, losing custody of my son, giving up luxuries of life and facing difficult surroundings. I found myself in a chaos: pain of separating and anxiety about future. I became forgetful, grief struck, anxious. I lost my confidence and my performance suffered. I felt extremely lonely.

When I started counseling services last year, I was at the lowest point in my life. Today I am at a more composed mental state and Sunit has helped me climb each step of the healing ladder with his techniques of empathetic listening and gentle guidance. What I love the most about Sunit’s style is that he has a holistic approach which invloves creating awareness of thought and facilitating mindfulness. Sunit has introduced me to various tools as needed to help me cope. he has helped me achieve clarity and brought me face to face with my embedded beliefs.

Sunit has worked in baby-steps with me each time. With practice and under supervised guidance from Sunit, I have learned to forego doubt and self-criticism. I sway away often but I am able to return to my center more frequently.In the whole process I felt like I was solving my own puzzles, I felt I was learning how to solve puzzles on my own. I have a long way to go yet, but I have come a long way too.

I am grateful to have known Sunit and I am grateful for all the knowledge and wisdom he shares with me. I am blessed to an amazing friend / counselor / mentor / guru."


Dr S. B. Sunit’s research work has received positive reviews from the academic community. Renowned and internationally published author, Prof. R C Pradhan in reviewing one of Dr Sunit’s works in philosophy comments, “..we cannot but agree with Dr Sunit that we must attempt at a metaphilosophical synthesis of diverse philosophical standpoints ...Dr Sunit’s attempt is laudable. His arguments are persuasive. ...[H]is philosophical analysis is flawless”. Dr Satish Chandra Kumar wrote, “.. work undertaken by Dr Sunit is outstanding and is an important contribution in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. (It) has considerable relevance in the area of Human Resource Management functions. [it] will serve as an important document for practitioners, students and researchers.” One of the comments on Dr Sunit’s research in industrial/organization psychology by Dr Negy reads, “.. the author did a terrific job of explaining the reasoning behind the results..”

In media

On 24 June 2003, Times of India, the world largest selling English newspaper, published news about a study carried out by Dr S. B. Sunit and colleagues showing relationship between irrational beliefs and HIV/AIDS awareness. On 26 April 2006, the Sakal newspaper published a news about Sunit’s International Young Scholars Award received at San Fransisco. The newspaper Daily News and Analysis (DNA) regularly interviews Dr Sunit for his comments on specific issues. Two such interviews were published: on 13th January 2011 on road rage and on 11th September 2012 on financial stress. Sunit’s paper presentation at an academic conference was aired on Vidya Vani radio station.


Dr Sunit has presented his research in national and international academic conferences. He also has published research papers in reputed academic journals.


Academic Publications

  • Mathew, P. & Bhatewara, S. (2006). ‘Personality differences and preferred style of conflict management among managers.’ Abhigyan: The quarterly journal of the Foundation of Organizational Research and Education 23:4.
  • Deuskar, M., Poonawala, N. & Bhatewara, S. (2006). ‘Effect of Yoga Nidra and Applied Relaxation Technique on the steadiness and performance of archers.’ Psychological Studies 51:1.


  • Job Position, Personality and Job Satisfaction in Organizational Settings. Doctoral Thesis.
  • Self-realisation: A study of theories and practices from ancient and modern India. Doctoral Thesis.
  • Extrasensory Perception, Personality and Belief in Parapsychological Phenomena. Masters Dissertation.


  • ‘Exploring the varieties of moral and spiritual education in India: Implications for adolescents' spiritual development.’ American Educational Research Association. San Francisco, U.S.A. With Roeser, R. et al. 2006.
  • ‘The modem and the mango tree: Assessing adolescents' identity development in India.’ Society for Research on Adolescence. San Francisco, U.S.A. With Roeser, R. et al. 2006.
  • ‘Phenomenology, non-directive psychotherapy and J. Krishnamurti: A comparative analysis with a focus on the content of consciousness.’ International Conference on Krishnamurti and Consciousness. Hyderabad University and Jiddu Krishnamurti Study Center. Hyderabad, India. 2006.
  • ‘Relationship between personality and sexual awareness.’ National Conference on Psychology for Mankind.’ Academy of Psychologists. Tirupati, India. With Puri, R. 2005.
  • ’Personality and conflict management among managers.’ National Seminar on Human Resource Management. Indian Council of Social Science Research and University of Pune. Pune, India. 2004.
  • ‘Personality correlates and intelligence among senior executives.’ National Conference on Psychology for Integration. Academy of Psychologists. Coimbatore, India. With Shejwal, B. 2003.
  • ‘Relationship between hiv/aids awareness and irrational beliefs among youth.’ National Conference on Psychology for Integration. Academy of Psychologists. Coimbatore, India. With Bapat, R. & Ganatra, D. 2003
  • ‘Religions? Keep them away from value education.’ Roundtable Conference for Role of Science and Religion in Value Education. UNESCO and World Peace Center. Pune, India. 2003.



  • Shiva’s Lab (Concept and Direction) - An experimental short film based on the dualism of life.
  • Peruwale Gaikwad (Research) – A documentary selected and screened for  ‘Jeevika’ a South Asia livelihood documentary competition, organized by Center for Civil Society.
  • Colours and Emotions (Research) – A film exploring people’s associations of emotions with colours. (Film and Television Institute of India).
  • Ruhi (Acting) – A fiction based on the Post-Godhra Gujrat Riots. (Film and Television Institute of India).
  • The Question of Language – A film showing the discussion between a lecturer of philosophy, a research scholar and Dr Sunit at Department of Philosophy, University of Pune. (Placebo Films).
  • On Knowledge – Dr S. B. Sunit responds to the questions related to knowing others, knowing oneself and knowledge itself. (Placebo Films).
  • Vermilion Hue (Acting and Monologues) - A short fiction on interactions between a newlywed couple. (
  • Alchemy of Love – Sunit speaks on Love.


A Hindi song written by Sunit was released on Underscore Records, a lable owned by India’s well known singer Shubha Midgal. The song was nominated for "Best Pop Song" for the Indiego Music Awards(South East Asia). It is a part of a soundtrack of the British film "Monsoon Theater" directed by Freddie Errington. Another song written by Sunit on life of  Chhatrapati Shivaji received praise from Babasaheb Purandare, a renowned historian and writer. Babasaheb Purandare wrote: "[translated from the orginal Marathi letter] ..the composition and lyrics of the song are excellent. I have no doubt that this inspiring song will create a very happy, courageous 'youthful' spirit in each home. The song deserves to be translated into every language".


Published articles

  • College Life: Challenges and Opportunity. Beyond Friendship. Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti.
  • Fist of Fury with Peace of Mind. Fergusson College Magazine. (Co-authored with Lee Dong Hwan)
  • RC and Me. Present Time, Rational Island, USA.
  • We Together (Poem). Voice of RC, RC India, Bangalore.


Artist Adiytya Shirke has made several paintings of Sunit. One of the paintings titled ‘Portrait of Psychology’ was selected in the professional catagory among several thousand entries for the juried show of the Bombay Art Society, and was exhibited at the prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. Another such painting was published in the gallery's newsletter.  
A photograph of Sunit taken by Jay Ji of Aperture India won a national award and was exhibited at the photography exhibition by Sakal in Pune, India.
Sunit featured in the title image of the photography exhibition at Indiaart Gallery in 2006. The show was inaugurated by Irrfan Khan, an actor of international acclaim.


Other studies

In pursuit of the holistic understanding of the self and the universe, Dr Sunit has studied, experienced and critically examined various systems and techniques. These include:

  • Vipassana Meditation at Vipassana International Acadamy taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin
  • Yoga at BKS Iyengar's international headquarters - Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute, Pune
  • Japanese Reiki  - at Reiki India Research Center
  • Silva Method of Mind Control of Jose Silva
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Enneagrams
  • Adletrian Psychotherapy by Adlerian Society
  • Dance Therapy
  • Non violent Communication by The Center for Nonviolent Communication
  • Interplay by Body Wisdom, Inc
  • Re-Evaluation Co-counselling by The Re-evaluation Counseling Communities
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Hypnosis
  • Falun Gong


His exploration of cultural and geographical diversity has taken Sunit to various parts of the world. Apart from travelling extensively in India, Sunit has travelled to parts of Europe, North America, Asia, Hawaii and the Caribbean Islands.

See: Travel Maps and Lists


Dr Sunit primary interest lies in the universal discovery of the truth of the identity, subjectivity and existence at large. In this regard he has studied works of J Krishnamurti, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi, Mahavir, Buddha, Lao Tsu. Also of interest are the works of saint poets like Kabir, Jnaneshwar and Tukaram. 
Other areas of interest include: nutrition, health, politics, economics, law, physics, information technology, biotechnology, architecture and ecology.

External Links


Exploring the varieties of moral and spiritual education in India: Implications for adolescents’’ spiritual development. (Presentation published on Tufts University website)

Globalization and the Identity Remix Among Urban Adolescents in India. (Journal of Research on Adolescence. John Wiley & Sons, Inc)


Who is to blame for this stress? Newspaper interview in DNA.

Study reveals belief systems hampering Aids awareness. News about the reseach published in Times of India.

Do not allow road rage to take control of you. Newspaper interview in DNA.

Please note: the word 'submissive' was used in error while publishing this interview.


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